From the turquoise blue glow of the pool to the soothing sounds of the waterfall to the lure of the whirlpool, a luxurious swimming pool will add immeasurable ambiance to your home while providing the ideal backdrop for creating memories. So what trends are Connecticut homeowners including in their custom pool designs? Features that will make their lives easier, their outdoor time more relaxing, and their homes more beautiful:

Automatic Pool Covers

This feature is a must-have for custom pool designs in Connecticut for many reasons. The first is the safety factor. With the click of a switch, your pool is protected from anybody accidentally falling in. Second, an automatic pool cover helps keep your pool free from any debris, meaning you can go out and swim on a whim without having to net the pool first. Third, an automatic pool cover helps prevent evaporation, which makes your swimming pool more eco-friendly because fewer resources are required to heat and fill it.

In-Pool Spas

Frequently seen in our Connecticut custom pool designs is a spa that is built in as part of the pool. Not only does having a spa located inside the pool provide easy access from one to the other, it allows the spa to be effortlessly covered with the automatic cover.

Raised Spas

Connecticut homeowners adore their spas, which is apparent in our third custom swimming pool trend. However, instead of building them within the pool, many people opt to make the spa the focal point. They raise the spa up above the height of the pool and then have a waterfall flowing from the edge of the spa to the pool waters below. It creates a luxurious experience that is not only stunning to look at, but also calming to listen to.

custom pool designs with raised spa in connecticut

Sun Shelves

Some custom pool designs in Connecticut include a basic staircase into the pool, but greatly expand that area to make a sun shelf. As sun shelf is essentially an enlarged first step that keeps the water at about 12 inches deep. This area is ideal for young children to play, and it also works great as a landing for lawn chairs—allowing adults to easily soak their feet.

Darker Colors

Another trend that is very popular in custom pool design is the use of darker-colored materials on the interior of the pool. Not only does this create a stunning aesthetic looking in, it also absorbs the sun more effectively, which will heat the water quicker versus a light-colored swimming pool.

Lap Pools

Many Connecticut homeowners agree that swimming is an amazing way to exercise; however, it can be difficult to get adequate exercise in a wading pool. This is why another common custom pool design is to create a longer pool that works as both a casual swimming pool and a lap pool that makes it easy to get an extremely effective cardio workout right in your own backyard.

If you can imagine yourself unwinding in a jetted whirlpool, enjoying family time with the kids in the pool, or relaxing to the sounds of a waterfall, contact Odd Job Landscaping today. We will work with you to design a pool that can rival any five-star resort—but it will be just for you. Whether you opt for a few of the above trending custom pool design features, or you have visions of something even more spectacular, your new custom swimming pool will bring you years of enjoyment with your family and friends.