Outdoor Kitchens

Wow! Odd Job designed and delivered an amazing landscape "makeover" for my new home.

– New Canaan, CT

Grilling is a great American pastime, and Odd Job Landscaping helps you take it to the next level with outdoor kitchens that are ideal for entertaining and fully enjoying the New England seasons from spring, through summer and into autumn.

Our custom masonry provides a sturdy foundation upon which we can design an optimal spot for your outdoor grill and cooking space. Share the bounty by creating a seating area and lighting to dine amongst family and friends.

An outdoor kitchen allows you to enjoy entertaining while taking advantage of the seasons, a fully-functional outdoor room you’ll wonder how you ever lived without.

Contact us today for custom outdoor kitchens and hardscape design services in Connecticut. Please inquire via our contact form or call 203-655-3332 to speak with Dan today.