Exceptional Outdoor Fireplace Masonry in Connecticut

From project development to the finished project which included stone walls, fencing, pool, patios, pergola, fire pit, grilling area, driveway, and plantings, we fully recommend Odd Job Landscaping to anyone looking for the best!

– Darien, CT

Few things improve the ambiance and livability of your Connecticut patio like an outdoor fireplace. With the push of a button, your backyard transforms into an outdoor oasis that is warm, inviting, and simply irresistible.

A patio fireplace makes the exterior of your home feel just as comfortable and elegant as the interior of your home, while allowing you to enjoy the fresh air long after the sun goes down.

At Odd Job Landscaping, we are true artists of outdoor gas fireplaces. We can create awe-inspiring masterpieces from stone that will impeccably complement your style preference and existing outdoor furniture. Our masonry skills are second-to-none, so when you choose Odd Job Landscaping to craft your stone outdoor fireplace, you can know that it will be flawless and exactly as you envisioned.

Why a Patio Fireplace?

The reasons to include an outdoor gas fireplace in your landscape design go far beyond bringing warmth to your patio. While this is certainly a tremendous benefit to consider, Connecticut homeowners also love the way their outdoor fireplaces:

  • Allow them to use their patio well into the fall season, while many of their neighbors are succumbed to staying indoors.
  • Become a stunning focal point that brings together the entire patio.
  • Create an unbelievably inviting ambiance during group get-togethers and romantic evenings at home.
  • Provide a subtle light source so they can enjoy the gorgeous night sky while still being able to see what is around them.
  • Offer an option to dry off quickly after a refreshing swim in their custom pool designed by Odd Job Landscaping.

Options for an Outdoor Gas Fireplace in Connecticut

When it comes to stone outdoor fireplaces, there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all. We have created a variety of patio fireplaces that are just as unique as each of our clients. While we absolutely have the knowhow and precision necessary to build anything your mind can create, these are a few of the styles of outdoor fireplaces we frequently see in Connecticut:

  • A large rectangular cutout that serves as the opening for the outdoor fireplace. It is part of a custom stone wall, complete with a built-in bench for easy enjoyment.
  • An round, square, or rectangle coffee-table-style patio fireplace that includes a sizeable border to set drinks and a masonry base to tie in with the other masonry materials used in your backyard.
  • A can’t-miss, sure-to-be-a-focal-point stone outdoor fireplace that mimics the look of an indoor chimney.

Envision just how amazing your patio will be with the inclusion of an outdoor fireplace. Whether you opt for no-maintenance ceramic logs for ease of use, or you prefer real wooden logs for a rustic experience, both can be ignited instantly with the push of a button. A custom patio fireplace from Odd Job Landscaping will enhance the aesthetics and warmth of your outdoor living space, and once you have one, you may never go inside again.

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