Landscape Design Services in Connecticut

We used Odd Job Landscaping for the design, landscape installation, landscape lighting, irrigation, and some masonry for our new house. The experience was outstanding.

– Darien, CT

Odd Job Landscaping adds an element of beauty to your daily life and ensures that the entirety of your property reflects your tastes, your desires and who you are.

We want you to be inspired by the land on which you live, and to fully enjoy the time you spend there. Consider how we can bring your dream landscape designs to life.


During the planning phase, imagination is the only limitation. How can we enhance your property so that you will fall in love with it again, every time you come home? The possibilities are endless. Dream big and we’ll figure out the logistics next. You can trust our years of experience to help steer the project in the direction that’s right for you and your property.

Landscape Design

Design is the first step toward turning your vision into something tangible. We’ll take your dreams and show you, on paper, how to make them a reality. You’ll see, visually, what the final landscape design will look like, and we’ll incorporated refinements. We’ll make sure we have a clear vision of the completed landscape design project before the installation begins.


This is when it’s time for Odd Job Landscaping to get to work, and for you to sit back and watch your landscape transform and evolve before your eyes. We source only the highest quality greenery on the market, and we know the local Fairfield County climate intimately. We’ll make sure your landscape plantings suit the wide range of weather possibilities in Connecticut — and we’ll do it all with your own signature style.

An Odd Job Landscaping owner will be on-site when any landscape planting is done, and as always, a clean, efficient workspace is part of the package. We’re extremely careful not to damage or scar your land with our equipment, and we’re meticulous in our clean up. And, we guarantee the health of all our plant material for one full year, through an entire cycle of seasons.

Landscape Lighting

Custom landscape lighting creates a warmth and ambiance that wouldn’t exist otherwise. Your property can be just as beautiful at night as during the light of day. Create the perfect lighting atmosphere to enjoy your Connecticut backyard landscape into each evening.


We want you to enjoy your new, lush outdoor living space as often as possible. To encourage this, we design landscape irrigation systems that are specifically tailored to your site. This ensures that your plants get the exact amount of water that they need to thrive without any intervention or hassle on your part.


The perfect fence can help to define a space, keep it secure and provide decorative accents. Our complete landscape fencing services range from decorative gates, arbors and trellises to functional deer fencing — but even our practical fences will complement and enhance the aesthetics of your property.


We hold ourselves to the same impeccable standards with our landscape maintenance as we do with design and installation. Our services including spring and fall clean-up, weeding, lawn edging, mulching, pruning and all turf fertilization including aeration and over-seeding. Odd Job Landscaping is proud to keep your property looking as good as it did the day we finished installing it, all season long.

Contact Odd Job Landscaping today to bring your landscape to life. Please inquire via our contact form or call 203-655-3332 to speak with Dan today.