Just because the sun goes down, that doesn’t mean the fun has to be over. Whether you are hosting a barbecue with friends or enjoying a relaxing evening with your significant other, a custom outdoor fire pit or fireplace will allow your time outside to continue by providing soothing heat and a comforting ambiance. But that’s not all an outdoor fireplace is good for—these are some of the other reasons Connecticut residents love ­­their custom outdoor fireplaces and fire pits:

Enhance Your Space

Creating stunning fire pits and fireplaces is our passion, and we love combining our flawless masonry skills with your concept of what the perfect fire pit will look like. With your imagination and our immaculate craftsmanship, your custom outdoor fire pit will become the star of your patio. From built-in televisions to stone masterpieces to square fire pits that transform to conversational tables, there is no creation we can’t bring to life.

Ease Up Your Life

Whether you opt for a custom outdoor fireplace or fire pit, you have the option of either gas or natural wood as your heat source. While the traditional logs are certainly more rustic, many of our Connecticut customers go with the gas fire pit for several reasons:

  • The fire is instant. Push a button and you will see flames (this feature can be incorporated into our wood-burning fire pits as well).
  • There is no smoke or wood-burning smell, so you can go straight from enjoying your custom outdoor fire pit to dressing up for a night out and no one will know.
  • The gas fire pit is easy to extinguish. Just push a button and you are done—of course, you will always want to watch the flame completely dissipate before heading inside.

Extend The Connecticut Summer

Not only does a custom outdoor fireplace or fire pit lengthen the amount of time you can enjoy your patio on a daily basis, it extends the summer season as well. As the fall leaves begin to make an appearance, you will still be spending your evenings savoring the sight of the gorgeous Connecticut sky.

At Odd Job Landscaping, we are true artists when it comes to the masonry skills required to craft an eye-catching, space enriching fire pit or fireplace. We will work with you to create what is soon to be your go-to place for relaxing and enjoying the company of your friends and family.